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Monday, April 26, 2010

Baseball Tips - When Do You Know Your Son Will Make it?

Baseball Tips - When Do You Know Your Son Will Make it?

By Tom Read

When do you know your son is good enough to play baseball in high school, play in college or get paid to play? You watch him play and see all the great plays he makes or hits he has. Everybody on the team tells you he is a good player. And you wonder, and start to dream a little. Wouldn't it be great if he got to play varsity in high school his first or second year. The seed is planted. But, please, don't forget that kids change, and they can change a lot.

Parents have dreams for their children. And it is good to have dreams. It is good to plan for those dreams. But do not let those dreams become overbearing, for you or your son. Dreams that are over the top can take over your emotions or his emotions. They can make us react in a way we never thought possible. For that reason, just keep your dreams to yourself. Do not burden your son with even a hint of what you are dreaming.

My son was a very good little league baseball player. He was a hitter who could hit for power and average. He played on one of the best teams in the city and they traveled and played all over the country. By age twelve I dreamed of him playing in high school and beyond.

His freshman year in high school he led the junior varsity baseball team in all hitting categories. His coach said he would have been moved up to varsity, but there were twelve seniors on that team. The varsity coach told me he was going to build the varsity team around him the next year. That fall, in a basketball game, my son broke his arm. A nasty break. Three surgeries in three years and the arm is still not right. There was not another hit in his career. My dream had been shattered.

But my son would not let his dream end. Since the arm that was broken was not his throwing arm, he took up pitching. And today he is pitching in college. So when did I know he was good enough. Not when I was sitting in that hospital emergency room. Or the three times I was sitting in the surgery waiting room. I thought I knew when he was twelve, but I really didn't.

Yes, we never know. We can dream, we can hope, we can plan. But the future is out of our hands. Like my son, be ready to adjust.

After my many years of coaching, watching and traveling to out of town baseball games, I decided to share my baseball tips and stories that I have learned and experienced along the way. To check out more articles that I have written, please visit my website at

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