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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baseball Hitting Aids Can Fix Many Hitting Issues

Baseball Hitting Aids Can Fix Many Hitting Issues

By Joseph Harrison Jr

One of the most important parts of playing great baseball is being a great hitter, and it is much more complicated than one would suppose. There are many problems that prevent properly hitting the baseball, and it can be very frustrating to not know what is causing the problem. Many things that hinder a hitter's performance may be the lack of proper hitting mechanics and this is easily fixed with some knowledge of your body which could be gained through baseball hitting aids.

The most common problem hitters have is they focus too much on their upper body when hitting and don't worry too much about their lower half. Focusing on the lower body problems must be done before you can even begin to start hitting properly.

Trying to hit without knowing what to do with your lower half is like trying to build a house without a proper foundation, it will surely crumble.

One of many problems hitters face is called shoulder dipping, which is caused by collapsing of your backside. Another issue is hunching their upper body over the plate, and yet another issue is when the hands extend away from the body during a swing. All of these problems can result from lacking knowledge of proper positioning of the lower body during your at bat.

Hitters "load" prior to the pitch, which is shifting your weight onto your back leg, and if the weight doesn't stay on the back leg during the swing this can cause a problem. Some hitters shift their hips forward towards the pitcher during the start of their swing, and if this happens it can cause all or most of these problems listed above. This problem with shifting the hips is referred to as floating.

Floating is quite fixable once you recognize it is the problem with your swing. Many hitting aids, including videos and books, can be found to help you detect and then subsequently fix these lower body hitting problems, and this will have you well on your way to fixing the upper body issues next.

Using these aids will help you or your coach to recognize which of these most common hitting problems you may have and get you hitting better than you ever imagined possible. Aids for hitters such as videos and books could be found at your local library or bookstore, and you can also find many great sources online as well.

I am Joseph Harrison, a baseball coach since 20 years ago. I love baseball since I am young, especially the feeling when you know you will absolutely crush the ball. Training your kid to gain interest in baseball will benefit him from both mentally and physically. In with he will gain team spirit, learn how to cope with teammates, and at the same time train up his physical, and concentration (to have good eye and hand coordination and the ability to use both at once). Go through my article and you will know all the benefits of baseball.

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