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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Youth Baseball Spring Training - Tips For Off Season Training In Youth Baseball

By Brian McClure

Baseball practice should not stop when the season is over. There are several things you can do and as a player, and coaches should give these suggestions to the players and parents after the season to help the players next time around. Why? Because the best time to get ready for the next season is during the off season, not just a couple of weeks before the first game. Building hand eye coordination and muscle memory takes time. Here are some tips for youth baseball players to use during the off season.

Knowledge- You may have heard knowledge is power. Its true especially in baseball. Think about game situations and where does each player need to be. If you are a pitcher work on your grip or a new grip. What plays would help improve the team? Watch other players and teams and purchase some DVD’s and youth baseball instructional books to help with this.

Batting Stance and Swing- Make sure your grip is right, head is down, shoulders in the right spot. Is your stride too long? Do you swing the bat through the hitting zone correctly? This is something youth baseball players can do in front of a mirror at home to imbed them in young players minds and develop muscle memory. Learn the proper aspects of hitting by using a hitting instructor and videos.

Keep in shape- You don’t have to look like a weight lifter but some simple exercises can help develop pitchers arms and endurance. Batters can gain from more power when they hit the ball, and base running(Ah.. something as simple as doing sprints 3 times a week can make you fly around the bases next season. Lets don’t forget to eat right while on this subject.

Equipment- How’s the bat? Is it still the right size? Is the glove in good shape and still fit. Pitching machines and nets should be in good condition for safety. Even the balls should be in good shape. Pitchers need nice seams on the ball and proper weight. Old water logged balls can also throw a hitters timing off. Plus there’s just something about a new baseball!

I am sure coaches and parents and players too can think of some others, but this should get your minds to working. Something I have found effective is sitting down with my son and writing down together what we want to work on. He comes up with some things I overlook. But by all means.. Have some too. Rent some cool baseball movies and play some baseball video games. Baseball is a game after all, and games are meant to be fun.

Author- Brian McClure Want to learn more about helping your child in youth baseball as a parent or coach?

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