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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baseball, Hitting Streaks, Clutch Ballplayers and the Greatest Yet to Come

By Leon Cautillo

Have you ever wondered why the average ballplayer will get 27 hits for every 100 official at bats he gets? If you took the total number of at bats in major league baseball last year to determine the batting average as a whole it would be around .270. Why is that? Why is it that for every 100 at bats in the majors there are only 27 hits? Or why is it for every 1000 at bats there are 29 home runs hit? It is simply physics? No.

Let's give our star streaker a name, Alex. Some will say that yes he was hot but he'll go through another period where he'll go 5 for 28 and so as the season progresses Alex's average will balance out to an average more in line with what is expected from him. History shows some ballplayers having hit .600 during one or two stretches during the season but since 1901 no one has ever finished the season with an average higher than .426. What is occurring during that period when Alex goes 5 for 28? Or what was happening during the last 7 at bats during each streak?

Baseball is a game of incredible fascination and intriguing possibilities, and many fans only see the surface.

Even though Alex got 45 hits during the final quarter of the season, he may have only gotten a few important hits, those being hits that make a difference in the game. Where as during a period where he only recorded 16 hits, they may have contributed significantly in more wins. Ones value in baseball must be viewed in the overall contribution to his team's success and organizations success for that matter. The thing about baseball is you can read the results. Though what appeared to be another inconsequential hit, perhaps a non run producing single in the eighth followed by an inning ending strike out, may have been important. In this case, trailing by one run in the bottom of the ninth with two outs the pitcher walks the next batter. On the very next pitch a home run is hit to win the game and had Alex not singled in the eight our home run hero of the game would not have gotten the chance to bat. Baseball has turns and twists like no other game and can be one of the greatest teachers we have.

If you want to understand and experience your understanding of the law of attraction, baseball surely is a hands on course that gives you immediate validation. The law of attraction should be taught to every ballplayer. It's just physics; it's simply how the universe works. Though it may seem like magic, just like gravity, it's not. Everyone knows or at least had heard the phase 'if you think you can, you can', and 'be positive'. That's simply a statement aliened with the law of attraction, and there is so much more richness in the law.

Mechanical corrections to a player's performance when necessary are made. And you must be able to recognize those distinctions. If not, the player will continue to do what's not working until it is discovered.

But you can know this. No player is fixed to his past performance. Any player can 'improve', come into his own as they say, start living up to their potential, another thing we hear. Yet little is understood as to why some players do and others don't. Teams are quite the same. And they can win despite the stats of their players.

This author suggest that the emotions held within the player that are resistant in nature such and anxiety, fear of failing or not coming through in the clutch has more to do with the results than you think, and when you are 'hot' you have none of that going on. Find ways in which you can notice those emotions and feelings and detach from them and you will inevitably realize greater success. When you are feeling as happy go lucky as can be, everything is going your way.

One small tip, whenever you begin to struggle, ask yourself to identify everything that makes you happy about playing the game of baseball until to are fully and completely expressed.

If you understand about the power of directing your emotions in a particular kind of way, I invite you to visit and learn about the iCap.

Biofeedback has advanced beyond our imagination. You can discover and manage your emotions such as to seek and discover more joy and happiness than you can imagine. And because of the personal computer, the cost is affordable and the advances have been remarkably pleasing.

Stop by when you can.
Leon Cautillo, Author/Instructor

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