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Thursday, July 16, 2009

How To Prevent Baseball Injuries

Should you play baseball on very hot humid days? It might be fine to play if the intensity of the sport is decreased to a minimal . More practices are being performed in the early morning rather than in the heat of the day.

Wearing the proper clothing will help. Wear clothing that can breathe. Don't wear dark color clothing. When clothing is allowed to breathe , it helps the athlete rid themselves of the sweat. Plenty of liquids needs to be enforced.

Proper fitting equipment should be provided to reduce serious injuries. Athletic equipment consists of a helmet; shin guards and pads; and mouth pieces. Coaches need to check the athletes to make sure their equipment fits properly. Parents need to observe the equipment their athletes are wearing.

It is the coach's duty to teach the baseball athletes the proper techniques of the game.

Before any game , athletes need to warm up. This involves running laps or running in place; flexing all of the muscles; stretching of the muscles should be done and held at fifteen seconds.

Any athlete should be checked out by a physician before starting their baseball sport. Being in physical shape is required for baseball. Don't wait until the day the baseball season begins to start warming up your muscles. If you do , you will suffer some serious injuries.

Parents love their children and want them to be active in sports. In some cases , it isn't meant to be. Not every child will become an athlete. This may sound discouraging but it has to be said.

Don't freak out if baseball isn't your sport. It may be soccer or football. Tennis and track might be your sport.

Maybe sports aren't meant for you at all. Your place might be in church as a leader . This could be a great way to show other children that if you don't succeed at one goal, keep climbing the ladder. Eventually you will reach the top. This will be your goal in life that you strived to meet.

Remember this advise: It only takes one injury to prevent you from having a normal life. Use every precaution if you choose baseball or any other sport.

Growing up cripple and disabled is not the life you deserve. Listen to the advice your parents and coach offers you. They have your best interest at heart. When you head out into the sports world it requires a lot of your time, and family time.
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