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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A great drill for improving a young baseball pitchers control.

Pitching Drill
Great for developing control

The drill is used to develop great pitcher control by having the pitcher throw strikes at varying distances as shown in the diagram below. The catcher is "c" and each spot the pitcher throw from is marked with an "x".

Note: if you do not have a live catcher a Pitch2win Trainer or other pitching target can be used as a catcher. The Pitch2win Trainer works well because it catches every ball that hits in a 4' x 4' square.

C X--------X-------X-------X-------X-------X-------X

The plate and catcher are set at a stationary location. The plate never moves. The pitcher will move ackward or forward after throwing a set number of pitches at each location. The pitcher should begin throwing at a distance 1/4 of his normal pitching distance. At the close spots the pitcher will throw at 1/2 speed.

You should have 6-8 distance markers with the first being at his starting point and the longest being twice his normal pitching distance. The markers should be at 10 foot intervals and in a straight line with the plate. The object of the drill is to develop control by gradually moving away from and toward the targeted strike zone.

The pitcher is required to throw 1-3 strikes from each marker before moving to the next. The catcher serves as the umpire.

We work a variation of this drill thats has 2 to 4 pitchers working and competing against each other in a timed drill. Make sure that your catchers are far enough aprat to prevent a wild pitch from hitting another catcher. It is also a good idea for catchers to wear full gear when participating in this drill. The drill teaches them to work fast, concentrate, and execute a perfect pitch. Make sure your pitchers are in condition for this drill. They will find that throwing strikes from longer distance requires great mechanics and builds arm strength. Make sure your players stretch and warm-up first.

Nick Dixon - Head Baseball Coach - Boaz High - Boaz Alabama. - Great Deals on the Mauer Quick Swing Machine.

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