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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Arm Care For Young Baseball Players

Good morning. Without a healthy arm a baseball player's playing days are numbered. How should young players under the age of 12 care for their arm? Here are some suggestions:
  • Good mechanics are a must. If a player has a flaw, the chance for injury is greatly increased. There are training aids and products that teach and reinforce this baseball pitching fundamentals.
  • Overuse is the number one cause of arm injury. Pitch counts and throwing logs must be kept to insure that a player does not "over do it".
  • Pain is a sign. If you arm is hurting, not sore, but sharp pain, shut the throwing down and see a trainer or doctor.
  • Proper stretching, warm-up, and post-game running are three things that pitcher must be taught to do religiously.
  • Icing should only be done as an additonal precaution. Do not subsitute icing for running. Always run before you ice.

Young players must learn the value of proper arm care early. There have been many players that walk away from baseball and never go back because of discomfort and pain caused by arm abuse and overuse. Check out the Baseball Parent Guide for More Tips and Information on this topic.

Have a great day, Nick.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, i really feel that arm care is a huge part of the game of baseball. Most players don't think that this is as important as it is and its refreshing to read more and more blogs about this. Thanks.


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