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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wayne Mazzoni - Baseball Recruiting Advice

Wayne Mazzoni, an expert on recruiting high school athletes for college (NCAA) teams, gives recruiting advice to high school baseball playerrs. ?For baseball player this is specifically what I?m looking for. We got a lot of videos to be in that you only get a small number of that videos and watch them all. Now, we get so many videos that I only watch it when it comes with the reference. That?s why I keep a stock of videos in the office. When the fall call or rings I comes in from the reference I dig it out, I won?t just watch every video that comes in.

Baseball videos are sort of almost like a little bit of a practice because if you film the straight baseball game, its so slow and too long and your not gonna see enough stuff so for example it?s a short stuff, its practicing takes ten ground of balls, he would then run to the bases a little bit, he would take batting practice and then maybe gonna slice together some kinds of highlights from games and some of videos.

I am like just every coach, I like to see kids live, watch them ball load games in summer, go to bunch of camps, during our own camps, canceling, emailing and coaches for references, during Junior college coaches, you know, that?s how we find about our players. And if you?re talking specifically from what I?m looking for from an athlete, find out why? Well it?s a variety of things, first of all I have to bring one or two particular skill to the people, you know, be tremendous on both defense, be a power hitter or hitter for average, or have a great arm, pitching wise. But me personally as a division one pitching coach, in terms of pictures, I want players who can get people out as oppose to __so when your scouts suggest a radar guns, and lots of the big college have radar guns they are only interested on how hard on how somebody could go. Well, that?s nice to have somebody to __but more than anything else I just want somebody to get people out efficiently, quickly, and doesn?t really matter how hard they throw.

And I picture out to see a range from 80, 80 to 90. And the ones that gets the picture the most, the ones who get the people out, not the ones that always throw that hard. Certainly ones an athlete gets to college, the number one thing that separates them is that what?s behind me things the wait room and their desire and that you try to measure more because two college of athletes will come in, one is a __lazy, or only does what you ask and the other one is gym rat and just loves it and within a year they are completely different players now.?

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  1. This blog is very helpful in recruiting advice! I read this blog during my recruiting stage as a player. Follow my blog to get the perspective from a college baseball player.


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