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Monday, June 28, 2010

Increase Your Likelihood of Getting a Baseball Scholarship by Using These Tips
Tips for Getting a Baseball Scholarship
By Chris Moheno

You started playing baseball back when you were really young. You and the other neighborhood kids got together and started playing, either in someone's backyard or in a local ball diamond or park. You did the Little League thing and it helped you develop your natural talent. Now you're older and you're on your high school team. Your coach says you have a real shot at getting a baseball scholarship, and he thinks you should go for it.

You agree because you know you're pretty good, and a scholarship would certainly help your finances. However, you might not know how to convince schools you deserve one of their scholarships. Try these tips, because they can boost your chances of getting a college or university baseball scholarship.

1. Whatever You Do, Keep Playing Well. Schools might send coaches or scouts to your team's games and possibly its practices. You might not know when a school's representatives are watching, so play your best every second you're out there.

2. Always be Proactive. Your future is on the line, so you need to take the initiative. Don't just sit back and hope someone else will handle things for you. Although your coach will help you, take care of as much as possible yourself instead of relying on him to do everything. Don't sit around and wait for a scholarship offer to arrive in the mail, and don't wait for a coach or scout to decide to come to one of your games.

Instead, ask your coach to help you make a highlight tape that displays your baseball skills in action. Prepare a letter to accompany your highlight tape. Your coach should be able to help you with this task as well. Your letter should sound confident but not cocky. When your tape and letter are ready, send them to coaches at the schools you're interested in.

After the coaches have had a chance to receive and study your package, visit those schools and introduce yourself to the coaches and other staff members. Do all you can to make them remember you and stay in their field of vision. In short, be proactive by going to the schools and coaches, instead of waiting around for them to come to you.

3. Sell Your Skills. You'll need to sell yourself and your skills if you want a baseball scholarship. Now is not the time to hesitate or be shy or modest. Instead, you need to assertively display your talent and your commitment to the game of baseball. Show the coaches and other staff members how you can play the game. Your goal is to make them want you on their squad, so don't be cocky but don't sell yourself short in any way.

4. Tailor Your Approach to Each School. It's important to customize your approach. Use your knowledge about different baseball programs and coaches to help you do this. If necessary, do some research on the Internet to identify the specific skills a particular coach wants in his scholarship players. If you know a coach is looking for soft hands and great fielding, that's how you should sell yourself. On the other hand, if you discover a coach is looking for strong fundamentals such as base running and working the count, use that approach. You'll go a long way toward convincing the coach you're a good fit when you tailor your strategy to match up with the team's needs.

5. Don't Give Up and Don't Take "No" for an Answer. Some athletes give up the first time they are turned down by a baseball program. Others give up after hearing a coach or scout make a few negative comments, even though they haven't been formally turned down for a scholarship. If you take no for an answer this easily, you'll just be tossing all your years of hard work into the trash bin.

Instead, keep at it. Don't get discouraged about your scholarship prospects. You'll be a good match for at least one team out there; you just need to do everything you can to find it. That includes not giving up and not selling yourself short. If you highlight your skills as well as you play, you'll soon have a baseball scholarship.

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