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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baseball Lingo - How to Keep Track of Baseball Jargon and Baseball Acronyms

Baseball's Advanced Skills Tee
By Geoff James

A- Assists

AB - At Bats

Ace - The starting pitcher on any given team

BA - Batting Average

Backdoor Slider-a pitch that seems to be out of the strike zone but moves back over the plate at the last second.

Closer - The relief pitcher. Generally gets subbed in at the top of the 9th inning.

DH - Designated Hitter

Dinger - home run

DP - Double Play- two outs played on one hit. Generally an infielder gets an out at second and passes the ball to first.

E - Error -A mistake made by a fielder that allows an extra base to be taken.

ER - Earned Runs

ERA - Earned Run Average

FPCT - Fielding Percentage

GS - Grand Slam - A home run when the bases are full (loaded).

HBP - Hit by Pitch

High and Tight - a pitch that's high in the strike zone on the inside of the hitter.

Hill -the pitcher's mound

HR - Home Run - Also called a Homer

In the Hole - the batter after the man on deck.

IP - Innings Pitched

LHP - Left Handed Pitcher

OBP -On Base Percentage

Pinch Hitter- A player who substitutes another in the batting rotation.

RBI - Runs Batted In

RP - Relief Pitcher

Rubber Game- The deciding game in a series.

SB- Stolen Base

Set-up Man - the relief pitcher near the end of the game. Usually comes to play the 7th or 8th inning in between the ace and the closer.

Seventh Inning Stretch - After the visitors at bat and before the home team finishes the 7th, the crowd stands to ssttttrrrrreetch! Take Me Out to the Ball Game or a patriotic song is played in this break.

SLG- Slugging Percentage

Southpaw - A left handed pitcher

SP-Starting Pitcher

Strike Zone: The small window in which a pitcher can throw to not have a "ball" called.

Suicide Play - The hitter bunts, knowing he'll get tagged out at first, to let the man on third get home.

Sweet Spot - the wide part of a bat near the barrel. Supposedly, the ball makes a different noise when it hits off of the sweet spot.

Tag Out- When a player tries to steal a base, he must be tagged for the out - simply passing to the baseman will not suffice.

TP - Triple Play - When a batter hits a home run with two other men on base, it brings home three runs.

Walk - If a pitcher throws four balls before the hitter strikes out, the player walks to first base.

WP - Wild Pitch

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