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Monday, January 18, 2010

Little League Baseball Rules - Perfect Swing Trainer

By Wiley Channell and Brownee Channell

Little League baseball isn't just simply a game played by younger players, there are a number of different rules when compared to official baseball. Anyone coaching a Little League team will have to know the variations in order to teach younger players properly.

Differences in Field Layout

When playing Little League baseball, the field is usually sized about 2/3 of a regulation ball diamond -- instead of 90 feet between the bases, there should only be 60 feet.

The pitcher stands 46 feet away from the batter's box, rather than the 60 1/2 feet for regulation baseball.

Game Rules

All players on the roster will play 2 innings in the field at a minimum, and have the opportunity to bat at least once.

Also, any players who leave the game can return, as long as their substitutes also get to play 2 innings and have one at-bat.

A game of Little League baseball lasts for 6 innings instead of 9.- A game is declared over once either side gets a 10-run lead over the other team.

After the 3rd strike, the hitter is out. It does not matter if the catcher holds on to the ball on the third strike.

There are no designated hitters in Little League baseball. All 9 players come up to bat according to their position in the roster.

All runners have to stay on base until the ball reaches the batter when pitched.

There are limits to the number of pitches any player can throw, based on age. For example an 11-year-old can only throw 85 pitches but an 8-year-old is limited to 50. Rest periods are also given to pitchers, depending on how many have been thrown.

A manager can visit the pitcher on the mound twice during an inning, unlike the regulation limit of once.

If a game is called on account of rain, it will count as an officially complete game if four innings have been played. If the home team is head, then only 3 1/2 innings are needed.

Double-headers can only be held once per week at a maximum, unless one of the games is played to continue a suspended tie game from earlier.
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