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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Infielder's Techniques

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By Ryan Sanden

This article is going to cover some infielder's techniques. It will cover some basic infield fundamentals. The first thing that infielders should do is take a look at the batter, and know what spot they're at in the lineup. If it is a lead-off hitter, or bottom of the hitter, be prepared for a bunt. If it is a hitter from 2-5, then the infielder should be ready for a hard hit ball. If it is 6-8, then play at a normal depth. It also depends on the situation. Let's go over some situations:

-Nobody on, fast runner at the plate: play shallow, as he may bunt and has the potential to beat out an infield ground ball.

-Runner on first, no outs: play shallow for the bunt, and know who is covering each base. The batter may sacrifice bunt in order to move the runner into scoring position.

-Runner on first, less than 2 outs: middle infielders play closer to the bag, at double play depth. This allows for the 2nd baseman and short stop to turn the double play quicker and assure that they complete it.

-Runner on third, less than 2 outs, close game: play shallow. This will allow you to hold the runner at third base after you field the ball. If you are shallow enough, you will field the ball faster and will be able to throw out the runner at home should he try to make it.

There are many different situations like this, all of which will depend on the skills of the infielders. Another thing to keep in mind as an infielder is to be ready for the ground ball on every pitch. As the pitcher winds up or is about to throw from the stretch, creep in towards the plate and lower your glove and bare hand, so that you are in position to field the ball. Never be standing straight up as an infielder!

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