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Friday, November 6, 2009

Bat Weight is Extremely Important For Successful Baseball Hitting

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By Larry Cicchiello

Not having the proper bat weight is an extremely common problem, especially with younger baseball players.

Much too often, they have the improper bat weight and almost always it's because the bat is much too heavy! It also happens occasionally with older players also.

Here is a Guideline to Help Determine the Proper Bat Weight to Use:

Grab the bat at the very end, holding just the knob and using all your fingers. Use your right hand if you are a right-handed hitter or left hand if you are a left-handed hitter.
While still holding the knob only, extend your arm and the bat out in front of you, with your palm facing up.
In other words, the distance from your shoulder to the end of the barrel of the bat should be about 5 or 6 feet.
Hold the bat for about five seconds and if your hand quivers, the bat is probably too heavy. If your hand remains fairly steady, your bat weight is probably okay.

This is just a guideline but your actual swings at the plate should be your truest and most reliable indicator as to proper bat weight.

If you're usually getting the bat around quickly enough on average or slightly above average fastballs, there is a very good chance that you are just fine.

You can also see what weight the rest of your teammates are using.

Usually the difference among players on a team is only an ounce or two.

So, you should be in the ball park already. No pun intended.

So it's really only fine tuning it by an ounce or so to your personal preference.

If you are going to err, make sure you err on the side of the bat weight being too light instead of the weight being too heavy!

Having a little "less bat" than you can handle is a very minor problem and is far superior than having "too much bat" and being constantly late on every pitch, where you will have NO chance for a successful at bat.

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