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Thursday, October 8, 2009

2010 Baseball Recruiting - Make Contact Now and Get a Head Start on Your Competition

By Gary V Hawkins

As the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year is upon us, it also means the beginning of the 2010 baseball recruiting season is almost here. In fact, for the athletes who want to get an advantage over their competition, the recruiting season is really already here.

Just like every year, the 2010 baseball recruiting season will come to an end next summer with some players who reach their goal of being recruited or signing to play in college, while other players will continue to fly under the radar of college coaches. What makes the difference in the outcomes for these players? The difference between these players usually comes down to whether or not they take responsibility for their own recruitment and make sure they get the attention of college coaches.

Unless you are a blue chip or elite level player who gets more attention than they can even handle, you need to make sure you are getting your name out there in front of college coaches. Instead of relying on your coach or any other unreliable method, you need to make sure this happens by marketing and promoting yourself to college coaches.

Keep in mind that during the 2010 baseball recruiting season, coaches from all division levels of college baseball are looking for qualified players. College scholarships are available at the junior college level all the way up to the elite Division I level. This includes scholarships at the Division II, NAIA, NCCAA (Christian Colleges) levels. The only exception is Division III where athletic scholarships are not offered, but they do offer other types of financial aid.

To give yourself a great chance of being recruited during the 2010 baseball recruiting season, get a head start on your competition and take control of your own recruitment. You need to make direct contact with college coaches at any level of college baseball you feel you can play at. Decide which colleges you will contact and then start making contact with those coaches. The results may surprise you!

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