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Monday, July 15, 2013

Finding a Good Private Baseball Instructor

Much like if you want to raise your grade at a class in school it is a very good idea to get a private tutor, if you are looking to supercharge your baseball workouts, getting a private trainer may be one of the best steps you can take. I'm not going to lie...hiring a private baseball instructor isn't cheap so you ought to be sure to do your research before hiring anyone to protect your hard-earned cash. This article will show you how to simplify the process of searching for and choosing a great private trainer to suit your needs.

The very first thing you have to figure out in order to get a personal baseball instructor is exactly what you're looking for from this individual as well as what credentials you want this individual to have. If you're just looking for someone to throw some batting practice to you, then a local college player or a neighbor will do. If you're looking for someone to help you to perfect your hitting technique, you'll need somebody far more knowledgable about the specifics of baseball, otherwise you risk getting incorrect information and making your technique a whole lot worse. For this job, a local college coach or assistant coach will work, or possibily another local high school coach. You can also check on the internet to see if there are any retired major league or minor league baseball players in your area which you may be able to get in touch with. Do not expect Nolan Ryan to be teaching you, but perhaps somebody that made it to the AAA minor leagues but had a career-ending injury would be happy to help a young athlete out.

Now that you have an understanding of whom you want to hire, it's time to find the best person to suit your needs. To start, you should try getting in touch with some nearby universities and colleges to see if any of the baseball coaches would be willing to do some extra private coaching with you. If one agrees, not only will you have a good private trainer, but if you end up going to the college or university he coaches at, you will probably have a slight edge in tryouts as he will know already what a hard-working, committed player you are. After you've tried calling colleges, the next thing I would suggest is doing the same thing with your local high schools. An additional way to search is to ask owners of local batting cages and baseball training facilities if they know of anyone. Normally, you'll at the very least get a few references using this method. If all these attempts wind up fruitless it's time to take your quest to the internet. Post some advertisements on classified ads sites like Craigslist and see if anyone with the appropriate qualifications is willing. I have found many people at the very least willing to throw batting practice for a couple of bucks by doing this. Note: Make sure you've got a parent or guardian with you whenever you meet internet strangers the first time!

Now that you have found a person to your liking to instruct youit is time to work out a deal and begin training. Typically for throwing batting practice a reasonable price will be about $20-$25 per hour. For experienced college coaches as a private instructor a fair price would be around $50 per hour. Generally sessions are held 1 or 2 times per week for either 30 minutes or an hour. Figure out a schedule that's good for everyone and get started! If you're not happy after a few lessons, don't believe that you're required to continue. Just politely inform the trainer that you are no longer interested, but ensure that you pay for any lessons you already have had!

Hopefully you have all the information you need to help you locate, choose, and hire a great private baseball trainer! This is really among the best methods to improve your game and gain an edge over the competition!

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