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Monday, June 20, 2011

Baseball Drills - Improve Form and Accuracy With Tee Drills

Baseball Drills - Improve Form and Accuracy With Tee Drills
By Kenny Buford

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As players mature and reach a higher ability level, coaches often forget to incorporate tees into batting drills. However, tees can be highly effective tools if properly utilized. The following baseball drills were designed for skilled players who can use the tee to help improve their form and accuracy.

Basic Tee Drill

For this drill, the player will need a helmet, bat, tee, and several balls. The drill can be performed on the field or in a batting practice station. The player should start by placing the tee in the middle of the plate, raised to about thigh height. He should then put balls on the tee, taking a few swings to loosen the arm and feel comfortable at the plate.

Next, the hitter should simulate an inside pitch by moving the tee in and forward. He should practice a few swings from this location. Then, move the tee out and back for an outside pitch, and swing from that position. Finally, the batter should try these positions again, but this time adjust the height of the tee to simulate high and low pitches.

When practicing with this drill, players need to remember to adjust the position of the tee, not their own position relative to the plate. They should focus on hitting as if it were an actual pitch by visualizing the pitcher at the mound and imagining the ball moving toward them until it reaches its place on the tee.

1-2-3Tee Drill

This baseball drill requires a helmet, bat, tee, several balls, and a coach or assistant. This is a great drill for players to work on isolating their swing to recognize problems or errors at specific points and figure out how to fix them.

Place the tee and ball at a normal position on the plate. The player should assume his batting stance and wait for the coach to call out "1...2...3." At the coach's signal, the player will swing and pause at these designated points:

1.Initiate swing by beginning the coil and hold.
2.Begin the stride, keeping the weight back.
3.Complete the swing and follow through.

Inside/Outside Tee Drill

For this tee drill, the player will need a helmet, bat, two tees, and balls. A coach or assistant should be present, as well. Set up both of the tees at home plate. One should be on the inside and toward the front, and the other should be in the middle and outside. The tee simulated the inside pitch should be lower than the tee simulating the outside pitch. Place one ball on each tee.

As the player begins his stride, the coach or assistant will call out either "inside" or "outside." The player should then complete his swing to hit the called pitch. This exercise allows the player to swing as he would during an actual pitch and requires him to adjust his swing as he determines the location of the pitch.

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