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Friday, September 17, 2010

Baseball Hitting Drills - Using a Tee to Improve Your Swing

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Baseball Hitting Drills - Using a Tee to Improve Your Swing
By guest author: Jack Perconte

Maybe I am old-fashioned, but I still believe a baseball-batting tee is the best hitting aid there is. There are other helpful hitting devices that have come out on the market over the years, but none of those can do all that a batting tee can do. Of course, that is if players and coaches know how to use the batting tee correctly. I believe this because a batting tee allows the hitter to see the actual flight and spin of the ball when hit, when many of the other hitting aids do not allow this. Having said that, it is important to try to have enough space to see this flight of the ball, which is the first tip on knowing how to use a tee correctly. Along those lines, other methods of using a tee to improve the swing and to use a tee correctly include:

1. Knowing where to set the tee correctly in relationship to the hitter and home plate, depending on which pitch location the hitter is working on.
2. Hitting low pitches, set in the middle of the plate, through the middle to make sure hands and hips square up at contact.
3. Hitting high pitches on the tee, without popping up to maintain a compact swing.
4. Hitting balls (line drives or long flies) that have back spin.
5. Moving tee to different locations (inside, outside, high, low), with more emphasis on low pitches for hitters who hit a lot of ground balls and high pitches for hitters who hit a lot of pop ups, or strike out often. Emphasize hitting the ball in the direction of where the tee is placed, with backspin line drives always the objective.

There are a number of other ways to use a batting tee, but often these require proper instruction and observation from a knowledgeable coach. The reason for this is that often a hitting drill can solve one hitting problem, but can create a different problem because of doing the drill incorrectly, or too often. Read more.

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  1. Good post. I enjoyed it. I will be retweeting it. I'll have to use some of these tips for next time im hitting of the tee


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