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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jugs Instant Screen, Take Your Hitting to a New Level

Jugs Instant Screen, Take Your Hitting to a New Level
By James Quick

It is a fact. Few baseball players rarely just pick up a bat and start hitting home runs. They have to work hard and practice for hours and hours. Most players in the beginning stages of development as a ball player could greatly benefit from a batting training aid which would be easily portable and go anywhere allowing them to explode their skills.

Jugs Instant Screen does that and more it will give novice players the opportunity to practice in a safe manner. Even advanced players can increase their skills by making it a daily routine.

The screen easily unfolds from a circular form with a pop and it can be refolded easily after a few tries. It fits in a little case so it can be taken anywhere you want to go. Kids can use it in the back yard or they can take it to a friend's house or over to the baseball field to get in a little practice.

Players practice by hitting the balls into the screen and it is great for kids because it is 8 feet wide by 7 feet high. This makes it safe for batting practice as the balls will not be able to fly into parked cars or windows of houses nearby. It also works well for throwing practice as well.

If you are pitching balls to your kids you will no longer have to go chasing them all over the yard. The screen will catch them for you and deposit them in the area. No more loosing balls in the woods or neighbors fenced in back yard either.

This screen is works for families but it also is great for team use. Use it before the game starts to warm up and you can also use it while the game is going on because your balls will be stopped short by the screen. You can use it by backing it up a little bit or by having it close to the batter or pitcher.

One of the best things about the screen is that it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. It is easily affordable by families, schools, churches and other organizations. Because it folds up so compactly it is no problem to store either. It will give your future baseball player the practice they need in a safe environment.

Give Yourself an Unfair Advantage Over the Competition

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