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Friday, June 5, 2009

An Effective Way to Watch a Baseball Game With Your Child and Teach Him Proper Mechanics

An Effective Way to Watch a Baseball Game With Your Child and Teach Him Proper Mechanics
By Jason Alamo

Every time you turn on the television and watch a game with your child, there are actually two different messages being sent simultaneously. Two DIFFERENT games are going on at the same time, depending on your intention and focus.

There are movements, mechanics, routines, and situations that should be observed as games are going on. I remind my players not to watch the game but to watch the movements and strategy! Study the pitches that are thrown in different counts. It is amazing how much can be learned through observation, if you are LOOKING to learn!

The next time you are with your child a college game, or watch a Major League game on television, spend some time talking about what is going on in the game from a movements and strategy standpoint. You will notice that when you spend sometime viewing the game from this perspective, you will notice things that were right in front of your face before, but you never quite saw them taking place.

"But, Coach, Look At Gary Sheffield Hit, He Waves His Arms Before He Swings, Why Can't I hit that way? He's Pretty Good." This is a question that I sometimes get from younger players in regards to a Major League Players mechanics.

To me, this question has an easy two part answer. All good hitters and pitchers may start different, but at contact or release all have the same fundamental mechanical aspects. And number two; some Major League Players have tremendous rare and uncommon physical ability. This sometimes allows them to "deviate" away from a few mechanical fundamentals. As a coach or parent, we should also be looking for what has the greatest chance of making a player better.

Jason Alamo is a former college coach at six different college programs. He is the founder of,, a free website that provides real parent and player opinions and experiences on youth and high school baseball camps from around the nation. The site provides information from others which helps during the decision making process about what camp to send your child to. Baseball Camp Reviews can be found by visiting

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