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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Young Player Pitch Baseball - Baseball Coach and Youth Batter Communications

By Nick Dixon

Young baseball batters are often nervous when they step up to the plate. It is the job of the coach to say things that will calm the players nerves and give the player confidence. Here I give examples of things that coaches may say to help their players be successful when batting.Here are 10 things that coaches often said to young batters during an at-bat. Each saying is explained. These communications are most often conveyed to the better by the 3rd base coach.

1. "See it out, See it in, See it off!" - Tells the hitter to keep the head down and see the ball out of the pitcher's hand, into the strike zone, and off the bat!"

2. "If it is close enough to call, its close enough to hit!" This saying reminds a hitter with two strikes to swing at anything close because taking a pitch close may result in a 3rd called strike without a swing. Do not go down "looking".

3. "31-Zone, Nothing Above, Nothing Below!" The batter with a 3-1 count is looking to hit a perfect pitch to hit in a tight zone. The batter should lay off anything above or below that zone.

4. "Base Hit, Ball Four, Something Good for Us on this Pitch". The batter has a 3 ball count. The batter is looking to hit the pitch hard or get a base on balls.

5. "Don't Guess - See, Read & React" Tells the batter who has two strikes to even the stance and hit anything close. Do not guess or look for a certain pitch but rather hit the ball "where it is pitched". Pull or Punch.

6. "Nothing Above the Hands" If a batter has a tendency to chase high stuff out of the zone, this reminds the batter to start with the hands at the top of the zone and do not chase anything above those hands.

7. "Squash the Bug" or "Shoelaces to Pitcher" - The correct action of the hitters back foot.

8. "Trigger"-The hitters final inside turn movement before the swing.

9. "See the Ball Flat"-See the ball until it goes flat against the bat and comes off.

10. "Hitters Count" This means that the batter is ahead in the count such as 2-0, 3-1, or 1-0. The saying means that the pitcher is more than likely to have to throw a strike over the plate and that pitch is more than likely going to be a fastball.

These are just a few. I am sure that you know of more. I hope these help you in some way. Good luck until next time. Nick Dixon

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Article Source: Dixon

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